How is your service different from other Personal Chef services?

In a nutshell, instead of dropping off packaged, prepared food days in advance of consumption, we come into your home and prepare that evening’s dinner. When everyone’s ready to sit down, the chef will plate, serve, clean up and say goodnight.  It’s a wonderful human and culinary experience that allows you and your family to enjoy freshly cooked food and to learn something in the process!   For special events, larger parties, or when it’s inconvenient for you, we can certainly make arrangements to cook as much as possible in our own kitchens.


Do you only work in the Atlanta area or would you drive out to the suburbs?

We are happy to travel!  For destinations outside of Atlanta, a small travel surcharge will be added to the bill.


Where do you purchase your groceries?

Any market the client prefers or any combination thereof. We generally stick to organics and definitely favor seasonal produce.  We can make trips to the DeKalb Farmers’ Market and other Farmers’ Markets when in season. As for spices, seasonings, oils and  other staples, we use what is already in your pantry and keep track of freshness, expiration dates and so forth.


We’re working during the day and the kids are at school.  Does anyone have to be home when you’re cooking?

Of course not. As long as you can make arrangements for the chef to have access to your kitchen on cooking day (usually beginning around 4 pm) and you have an agreed-upon time for service, there’s no need for anyone to be on the premises until dinner time.


I don’t have great kitchen tools like knives, cutting boards, etc. What do you suggest?

We can bring our own set of knives, but generally speaking, it’s helpful to have some other basic equipment. The chef is happy to do a little kitchen prep and purchase some of the basics for you!

Artisanal Consulting

Rebecca Cha
Atlanta, Georgia