“Rebecca worked for our family for two years, beginning when my wife was pregnant and we had a two year old. It was a blessing to have Rebecca in our lives as it freed us up to spend more time with the children. In short order Rebecca became an integral part of our daily life. Rebecca would not only prepare a varied menu that was delicious every night, but she also taught us about cooking and foods. Our two year old would sit with Rebecca while she prepared dinner and actually learned how to crack an egg and release it’s contents with one hand! Rebecca was extremely professional and polite but also warm and engaging when included. Rebecca is extremely well educated and multi-talented. I could never figure out how we managed to find such an exceptional woman to grace our home with all of her intellect and wittiness. Anyone able to have Rebecca in their home ought to jump at the opportunity as the quality of their life will improve dramatically.”

Andrew S. Frankel M.D., Private Chef Client

Los Angeles


“Rebecca was our personal part-time chef over the course of a couple of years.  It quickly became something that I, my husband and my twin daughters would start looking forward to (the next time, that is) – as soon as she walked out our door!  It was a different meal each time– as we are adventurous eaters– and Rebecca was a skillful culinary artist in MANY cuisines.  It also was familial for us.  Feeding people is a nurturing act, and the way she worked among us was educational as well as fun. My daughters began a passion for cooking while watching Rebecca cook.   As the girls matured, she involved them — a little stirring here, a little pouring there. Today my 9 year-old twins love to cook– and I am sure this was a fire ignited by Rebecca.  I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is thoughtful and easy going, and most importantly, an extremely gifted chef.”

Marcy Kaplan-Gold, Private Chef Client

Los Angeles


“Over several years, I have had the great luck to be present at both private dinners and charity events that Rebecca has cooked for and orchestrated.  Not only is her food amazing, her presentation and attention to detail are truly exceptional. Rebecca’s menus are planned with great thought and creativity, evidence of her genuine passion for her work. Her wine knowledge is impressive, and she is the picture of grace under pressure in the kitchen.  I can’t recommend her highly enough! “

Mara DeLuca, Event Client

Los Angeles


“I have one word for Rebecca’s cooking talents: incredible!  I have never met anyone with more knowledge of food – whether it’s knowing what a group of five year-olds will eat or intuiting the palates of international diners, Rebecca has always created the perfect menu (and set the stage) for many glorious meals in our home. We only wish she still lived in LA!”

USA Today Bestselling author Laura Wright

Event Client, Los Angeles